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Управління виробничим підприємством

Manufacturing Enterprise Management “Управління виробничим підприємством” business application is a complex solution covering main management and accounting directions. It allows establishing a common information system for management of various aspects of enterprise activities. Manufacturing Enterprise Management application is targeted to enterprises with the personnel number from tens to several thousands, with tens and hundreds workstations, such as holding companies and multi-level companies. The application was produced with close co-operation with PricewaterhouseCoopers and includes modern international enterprise management methods (such as MRP II, CRM, SCM, ERP, others) as well as the experience accumulated by Company itself and its partners in automating manufacturing enterprises. Production management Production management subsystem helps to significantly reduce production costs through building and optimizing an enterprise’s production plan. Functionality of the subsystem is targeted to planning departments, production departments, production control departments and others. Financial management Using this subsystem together with the distributed database support allows to arrange efficient financial management for holding companies and corporations, improving transparency of their activity an investment attractiveness. This subsystem can be used by chief financial officer, accounts department’s and economic planning department’s staff, other financial departments. Warehouse management This module’s functionality corresponds to that in ‘Trade Management’ application, though it meets specific manufacturing enterprise’s needs. Apart from warehouse management sub-system itself, it also provides timely and thorough information for an enterprise’s chief commercial officer. It provides stock information from any points of view with high level of details: up to goods specification (color, size, dimensions, etc.) or serial numbers and use-by dates. Stock cost estimations are also provided. Statistical check means allow estimating commercial appeal of every item by its share in the enterprise’s turnover or profit, detecting those being sold with hard, considering such criteria as average time spent on stock, cost for a period and turnover rate. Sales management This module corresponds to that in ‘Trade Management’ application, providing complete automation of sales process on a manufacturing enterprise, in both wholesale and retail, including pricing:

  • automated price formation basing on receipt documents and trade extras;
  • various discounts: automated, manual, by discount cards;
  • time periods for discounts validity;
  • flexible conditions for discounts: by total purchase, by the number of a particular item, etc.;
  • separate wholesale and retail discounts;
  • formal confirmation of a discount cancelation.

Purchase management This module corresponds to that in ‘Trade Management’ application. It provides purchase managers with information necessary for timely and optimal purchases. CRM and personnel monitoring and job rating This module corresponds to that in ‘Trade Management’ application. Capabilities of the subsystem are used in relations with any contractors and used by chief commercial officer, chief marketing officer, personnel of marketing and supply departments. In addition to the standard e-mail functionality, the subsystem also includes developed e-mail means:

  • assigning responsible persons and completion control;
  • keeping correspondence history;
  • access right control for address book (down to particular e-mail addresses);
  • contact information import from popular e-mail clients;
  • sending out e-mails upon event occurrence (such as payment settlement).

Enterprise monitoring and economic activity analysis Manufacturing Enterprise Management application includes powerful and flexible reporting system, allowing analyzing and controlling almost all aspects of production and commercial activity of an enterprise on-the-fly. Basic features of the system include:

  • intellectual report generation tools, not requiring programming;
  • spreadsheet design;
  • summary tables;
  • linear, hierarchical and cross reports;
  • grouping support;
  • visual data representation means

Information can be presented from any points of view and with required details. Level of details can be adjusted by a user, as well as grouping and filtering parameters, according to specificity of tasks. Individual reports settings can be saved for future use.