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Fast result technology

    Fast result technology (FRT) is implementation technology of software products based on 1C:Підприємство 8. This technology direct by providing fast, regular (monthly) and high quality results that are very important to the Customer. Also fast result technology allows to reduce the financial risks and to close completed works regularly.

FRT designed for:

•   the partners of the САБ;

•   end-users software products based on 1C:Підприємство 8, who leading projects on their own.

   The objectives of the FRT:

1) Fast result It’s not necessary for a long time “draw” business processes, wait for technical writing jobs, interviewing and sit at the meetings. It is possible fast and professionally solve real “hot” problems.

2) Regular (monthly) result Problems have to be solved on a regular basis, as soon as the problem arises. The technology allows you to schedule work to get regular results, which is achieved by prioritizing tasks and agreement work schedules with the Clients.

3) Decline of financial risks FRT suggests reducing the financial risk for the customer, as obtaining a fast intermediate results guarantee the effectiveness spent means. But even if the customer has chosen a command that is not fully suitable for the achievement of its objectives, in 1-2 months, he sees the problem and is able to change the command, without losses.

4) High quality result As a result can be: automated tasks, sector, work places, etc. depending on the size of the project and the complexity of the problem. The result should be evaluated by the Client, as a useful and high quality. That is expected by the Client and meets his requirements.

5) Regular closing completed works It is important for the Customer to have an opportunity to plan the budget of the project rhythmically and payments. Particularly it is important in moment of scarce liquidity. For the project manager of the Customer – it is an opportunity report the results to their own leadership and to demonstrate both the project progress and success, and the effectiveness of their work.

6) Improving the implementation of information system (IS) The technology applies to raise the efficiency of the IP implementations, as the price of planning errors of 1 month and probability calculation by term and resources is very low. Basic principles of the FRT The accumulated experience from 2000 year led to the conclusion that the development of unified technology of the implementing the company’s software “1C:Підприємство 8″ played a critical role in ensuring a high level of quality of the implementation process and allowed to raise the work of partners to a new level. Thus, all technologies were developed with a focus on quality (standard ISO 9001:2000), which allowed customers to guarantee the growth of high-quality results, and significantly increase the number of successful projects. Partners’ experience of the work in close to the complexity and uncertainty conditions (innovative projects) was systematized. It was learnt the basics of extreme programming, analyzed the experience of standard technology implementations and made FRT, which maximally meets the requirements on the present moment.