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Our clients

For the last ten years, our specialists realized more than 200 projects of automation in such branches, as food and processing industry, agriculture, machinery and transport.

Mills Elevators and feed producers
Agribusiness Sugar production
Diary Transport
Services Enterprising companies
Mining Engineering
Food processing Bakeries
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“Novopokrovsky Bakery Product Plant”
Novopokrovsky Bakery Product Plant is one of the largest grain processing enterprises among the leaders in cereal products in Ukraine.
550 30

“Nikolaivsky Milling Works”
For fifty years of development Nikolaivsky Milling Works has carved out a name famous in Ukraine and abroad. The main activities of the Company: grain storage, drying, cleaning, processing and transportation services; customs license warehouse; warehouses for floor storage of cargoes; trade in grain, flour, compound feedstuffs and bran.
400 20
“Vinnitsky Bakery Product Plant № 2″
Vinnitsky Bakery Product Plant № 2 is engaged in production different grades of flour, mixed feed for livestock, fish, poultry. Due to high quality products and balanced trade policies, our products are in great demand in all regions of Ukraine and other countries.
400 35
“Gnivansky Bakery Product Plant”
Gnivansky Bakery Product Plant provides services drying and preparation for storage of cereals, services of warehouses with own railway sidings, facilities storing grain in elevators, storage and warehouse facilities on agricultural crops.
200 6
Elevators, feed mills, oil extraction plants
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“Mriya Agro Holding”
Mriya Agro Holding is one of the largest and most efficient agricultural producers in Ukraine and globally. Mriya cultivates a diverse range of agricultural crops including wheat, rapeseed, corn, sugar beet, potatoes, buckwheat, barley, peas and soybeans, taking full advantage of the fertile land it owns to meet the vital and growing global demand for food. Mriya’s produce is sold in over 20 countries around the world, supplying the largest food companies in Europe.
2000 50

Founded in 1993, agri-industrial holding Astarta–Kyiv is a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding specializing in sugar and agricultural production. “Astarta–Kyiv” focuses primarily on the cultivation of sugar beet, grains and oilseeds, the production of sugar and related products (molasses and granulated beet pulp), and milk and meat production.
600 20

Complex Agromars was founded in 1998. On the market complex presented as a trademark “Gavrilіvskі kurchata”. Today it’s one of the largest producers of chicken meat in Europe.
1500 70
“Creative Group”
Creative Group is a leading Ukrainian integrated agro-industrial company and one of the largest producers of agricultural products in Ukraine. It produces fats and margarines, sunflower oil and meal, soybean meal and oil and biofuel pellets and is engaged in agriculture, particularly farming and livestock breeding.
2000 21
Company was established in 2006. At present the Company is successfully developing both at internal and external markets. The Company occupies one of the leading positions in Ukrainian transshipment market of beet molasses (by-product of beet sugar production) and vegetable oil. About 37% of all molasses produced in Ukraine is transshipped through “EVERI” Company. The Company’s activity is diversified. Besides of transshipment services it includes: export and sale of vegetable oils, oil-bearing and grain crops in domestic market, as well as provision of forwarding services by rail and motor transport.
79 12
“Thegra Ukrain LTD”
Company is a daughter of Closed Joint-Stock Company Theeuwes Holding B.V. (Netherlands), which was founded in 1900. During the past years, DC “Thegra Ukraine LTD” has purchased and sold oilseeds on the internal and external markets and done oilseed toll-processing with various Ukrainian processors.
73 13
“TIS Group”
Terminals TIS Group — Ukraine’s largest dry cargo port. We serve as a gate to the outside world for the mining and metallurgical complex of Ukraine and much of the coal-mining industry in Russia. Terminals of TIS are the access to international markets for the production and consumption of grain, fertilizer, coal, ore, and consumer goods for the hundreds of millions of people.
300 37
Today the production capacity of the plant AGROGRAD V allow for all beet farms of Ukraine upscale sugar beet seeds. Categories of activity: seeds, seedlings, planting materials, fertilizers, plant protection products, grain products – trade, storage. Purchase of grain varieties.
120 10
“Borispol Cereal Receiving Company”
Control of temperature, drying, cleaning of grain.
Grain trade, export, processing, grain terminal.
200 53
“Letichev Feed Mill”
Letichev Feed Mill is engaged in production mixed feed for livestock, fish, poultry.
25 5
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Novofastovskoe is a large agricultural company, speciaized production and sale of crop production, livestock production and processing: cereals, soy, sugar beet, young cattle, pigs, milk, sugar, melyasa, pulp. The main activities of the Company:
1) Cultivation of agricultural products (cereals, sugar beet)
2) Production of sugar
3) Production of livestock products (milk, meat, cattle and pigs)
1000 22
Crop production and horticulture.
400 5
Crop production, such as crops, rape, soybeans.
100 2
“Agro Balt”
Growing of cereals and other crops.
40 2
“Agro – Etalon”
Agro – Etalon was established in 2006 and specializes in agricultural production on leased lands. Specialty: growing and selling agricultural products, fish farming, livestock and horticulture. The total area of land 4878 ha, gardens – 370 ha, plantation – 57 ha. The main agriculture crops are: winter rape, winter barley and wheat, soybeans, corn sunflower, spring barley.
400 6
Sugar Production
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“Kryzhopol Sugar Plant”
Main types of products produced by Kryzhopolsky Sugar Plant are: sugar, melyasa, fresh pulp, etc. The planned capacity of the complex is 6000 tons per day.
1500 21
“Brodets Sugar Plant”
Product range: molasses, sugar industry byproducts, sugar syrup, sugar.
1000 5
Sugar production.
250 5
“Kamenogorsk Sugar Plant”
Sugar production.
500 5
Sugar production.
450 12
“Shamraev Sugar Plant”
Sugar production.
300 30
“Agro Sugar (Gaisyn Sugar Plant)”
Sugar and various kinds of seed production.
300 15
Milk Production
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“Litin Milk Factory”
The main activity of the company today is the production of different kinds of cheeses and spreads, sweet butter, dry milk – they made all products according with the technological instructions the approved specifications.
400 10
“Galyiv Dairy Factory”
Galyiv Dairy Factory produces products for both consumer group (packed butter, sweetened spread, condensed milk) and commercial group (bulk butter and non-fat dry milk powder).
400 20
“Favoryt Company”
The Favoryt Company manufactures produce: сream сheese; packed butter and sweetened spread; milk, kefir, sour cream, yoghurt; condensed milk; non-fat dry milk powder.
100 20
“Butter Factory “Priluki”
Butter Factory “Priluki” produces products for both consumer group (packed butter, sweetened spread, condensed milk) and commercial group (bulk butter and non-fat dry milk powder).
200 20
“Kryzhopol Cheese Factory”
Processing of milk and cheese production.
145 5
“Berdichev-cold (Berdichev – Kholod)”
Ice-cream manufacturing.
500 11
“Zhmerinsky Cheese Factory”
Manufacture of milk products: butter and cheese in stock.
300 5
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“Vinnitsa ATP-10554″
Road carriage.
300 14
“Vinnitsa ATP-10556″
Road carriage.
70 5
Services sector
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Ukrainian private telecommunications company, the country’s largest fixed-line and mobile communications. The Company offers the most advanced services including data transfer and VPN networking, video conferencing, 3G mobile, in particular, video calls, 3.6 Mbit/s broadband mobile, SMS’s to fixed line numbers and a lot of other high-quality services.
800 11
Industrial production
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The company Oberbeton is Ukrainian producer of precast custom concrete. Plant of the company is one of the biggest companies of Ukraine with European standards of production, which provides a full range of modern equipment of leading European companies. Product range: foundation glasses, piles, columns, beams, runs, hollow core slabs, basement and wall panels, retaining walls, staircases and landings, ventilation units, bridge beams, reinforced concrete road fence of parapet type Delta Bloc, fixed formwork Oberbeton and etc.
100 5
Holding Carat is on the jewelry market since 2006 and is a wholesaler and retailer of diamonds and other precious stones. The company offers a large range of certified diamonds of the best quality-color characteristics and specializes in selling of large and very large diamonds.
90 8
Mining industry
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“Trading House Demidov Quarry”
Trading House Demidov Quarry is a dynamic operator on the market gravel production in Ukraine. Specialty – providing of delivery for reinforced concrete, construction, road-building and other companies.
190 8
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“Gnivan Spetszhelezobeton plant”
Gnivan Spetszhelezobeton plant is one of the leading enterprises in the Vinnytsia region in production of concrete products. Enterprise belongs to the management of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine. The company produces:
-concrete sleepers;
-concrete pressure pipes;
-ferroconcrete pipes;
-support-contact network of railways;
-foundation blocks, etc.
980 3
“Barsky machine work”
Barsky machine work – one of the leading food engineering, producing technological equipment for canning, liquor, wine, brewing, fat and confectionary industry.
670 8
– Main directions of activity are:
– Maintenance and repair of machine tools;
– Design and production of special tools and equipment;
– Electroplating and wear-resistant coatings on the product;
– Conducting metrology, design, repair and manufacture of measuring tool.
400 14
Manufacturer of test and measurement equipment.
200 8
Food processing industry
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Production of meat and sausages. Wholesale own products throughout the territory of Ukraine.
230 14
Production and sales of oil and fat products, soft and hard margarines packaged, industrial fats, mayonnaise.
1000 100
“Priluky plant – Belkozin”
Priluky plant – Belkozin – is unique company in Ukraine and one of the few in the world. The company is specialized in production of artificial collagen casings for sausages, frankfurters and other food products.
800 16
Meat and offal production. Wholesale of meat and meat products.
450 8
“Litinsky Meat Kombinat”
Offers a wide range of meat products for institutions at factory prices.
100 2
“Ma-Ki LTD”
Bakery and confectionery products and cakes.
40 2
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Manufacture of bakery, confectionery, and rusk products, wholesale and retail trade of food products.
800 39
Manufacture of bakery and confectionery products.
800 15