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Milk processing

Product “Dairy management for Ukraine” is a separate module on the basis of “1C:Підприємство 8″, which can be easily integrated in the configuration “”Бухгалтерія для України”” and “Управління виробничим підприємством” This solution gives cheese and dairy manufacturers the ability to view the status of your inventory and product in real-time including work-in-process. This transparency can be applied a plant level or across multiple plant locations. “Dairy management for Ukraine” makes it easy to oversee your organization and manage by exception. The software logs all transactions and actions impacting inventory, including end of shift data, making this information available on demand. The solution provides a full audit trail of control recipe release. Identify precise components of any product produced on any day, to zero in on production faults and fix them before they are replicated across batches. The software’s flexible reporting of production results, inventory, quality, and more, ensures you have the tools you need to run your organization more efficiently. In the solution are realized:

  • flexible mechanism for calculating the purchase price, as parameters are used: Values of quality indicators (fat contents, protein), grade, inhabited locality. Withal, the price may be decomposed into several components: a base part and bonuses. The reporting system allows us to analyze the dynamic of price changes, arrive at a decision, concerning prices;
  • record of money that has been issued under report for the purchase of milk in the context of procurement lists for each procurer and deliverer of milk, a further link with the calculation of personal income tax;
  • account of raw materials receipt, communication with electronic scales, raw materials counters;
  • account quality indicators of laboratory, automatic connection with the analyzers of milk’s quality, reporting to match the quality of the procurement list and laboratory quality;
  • taking into account the receipt of raw materials it can be used several units. It is the physical weight of raw materials, set-off weight, calculation algorithm is determined by the user.
  • automation of accounting quality of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products allows you to create not only a quantitative but also a qualitative balance;
  • deep analytical reporting.