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Управление хлебозаводом

We offer enterprises engaged in the production and sale of bakery products a fully automated solution to inventory control and accounting document flow management.

The main purpose is to automate configuration management accounting, production accounting, formatting accompanying documents for bakery industry companies. Configuration is realized as independent module with possibility to integrate with such configuration, as “Manufacturing Enterprise Management for Ukraine”, “Accounting for Ukraine”.


In addition to the functions of typical configuration, the system has the following functions:

  • Accounting products and return the recycled waste;
  • Automatic calculation of the raw materials consumption for the production in accordance with the standards;
  • Reporting by exception normative and actual consumption;
  • Accounting actual flour wetness;
  • Accounting trays and packing materials for bakery products;
  • Accounting returnable packaging;
  • many others functions.

The system has an opportunity to get a variety reports. For example, daily report of the expedition; act on the transfer of the rests of finished goods and many others.