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   The following features are implemented:

■ Setting goals – Defining the actual goals and criteria by which to assess their achievements;

■ Planning – Presentation of enterprise goals in forecasts and plans: ○ Clarification of indicators, conditions, requirements and constraints for planning; ○ balancing the system of plans;

■ Operational accounting: ○ solving management problems and interacting with the external environment; ○ Treasury; ○ automation of sales, purchases, warehouse activities; ○ management of needs provision; ○ production management; ○ reflection of business facts;

■ Monitoring of financial and economic activity;

■ Analysis – the study of deviations of actual results from planned or typical values;

■ Personnel accounting and salary calculation – Personnel management and its motivation;

■ Regulated accounting – reporting for external users;

■ International Financial Accounting – Reporting to International Standards. Using the tools of the application allows to ensure the coordinated work of units both inside the organization and with the outside environment (customers, suppliers, competitors).