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Sugar production

In today’s world of fast moving markets, demanding customers, and the primacy of cash, successful sugar trading companies must master three critical skills: trading, operational efficiency, and effective management oversight. “Sugar production” software provides superior information to support excellence in all of these areas.


Among the processing enterprises, sugar plants are characterized by season work. Sugar plants are especially have extremely high workload in period from September to December. That is why it is very important for sugar-trading businesses to accelerate the process of the tracking of incoming and outgoing raw materials and finished goods. “Sugar production” provides the tools you need to manage this process.


The software allows you to record quality results from your own and from customer’s evaluation, whether it be polarization or other physical characteristics. Document quality results for future reference and to support price adjustments when needed. With “Sugar production”, all of your quality data will reside in a single database for easy access.


The product allows you to issue accurate invoices to customers consistent with contract, fixation, and delivery parameters. Record costs against contracts to manage actual versus budget and to monitor contract or vessel profitability. Issue debit notes for weight or quality claims.


“Sugar production” gives you the reporting capabilities you need to stay on top of your organization. Axioma offers both ‘battle-tested’ fixed format reports as well as customized reporting.
Axioma fixed format reports have been built based on the needs of our sugar-trading customers over the years. These key reports focus risk position, sales results, futures/options, inventory management, and exception reporting, to name a few. But, as every commodity trading organization is unique, Axioma realized the need for flexible database reporting. “Sugar production” allows you to export data into pivot tables and manipulate that information any way you see fit.


We understand that each trader’s customer is slightly unique and each trading company has its own style. Therefore we have designed “Sugar production” to be flexible in order to service your needs with minimal customization required.