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School training

   CLUB OF PROGRAMMERS Our goal is to introduce students to programming and to arouse interest in the specialty. The programmer is promising: An interesting profession and a high salary. The course “Fundamentals of programming in the language of JAVA” consists of 3 modules and is designed for children 9-15 years. Module 1 – provides an opportunity to achieve the basics of program development on the example of creating a computer game. Module 2 – expands knowledge, skills, programming skills in JAVA, introduces technologies – JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL. Module 3 – introduces project programming (PHP, JavaScript) and technology development project (HTML, CSS, Flash). The course “Fundamentals of programming in “1C:Підприємство 8″ for schoolchildren “consists of 3 modules and is designed for children 9-15 years. Each of the modules of the course is divided into 12 practical classes, 24 ak. hours. Classes are held once a week (2 hours each). Each participant of the course is provided with: a personal computer-equipped training room, a set of methodical materials, a CD with a training version of the program, a club baseball cap, various souvenirs and a certificate of completion. Participants past 3 Course modules are included in the job placement lists. (The profession of a programmer allows you to work both with full employment and in a mode of combining with studies, and in some cases completely at home.

   “Thus, a young man or a girl finishing school can earn money and, for example, pay higher education. training center!