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(0432) 46-93-98, 69-11-01
21030, Keletskaya 99/109, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

BAS Документооборот

Possibilities of “BAS Документообіг КОРП”: Документообіг

 – Working with contractual documents – Functional email client – Document Management – Effective Process Management – Accounting and scheduling of working hours – Project accounting and performance control – Collaboration Tools – Integration with any solutions – Access from various devices Dokumentoobig-KORP Compliance with Ukrainian legislation “BAS Документообіг КОРП” allows you to automate the business processes of organizational and administrative documents in accordance with the main regulations and laws that regulate the management of document management and document management in Ukraine: Law of Ukraine dated May 22, 2003 No. 851-IV “About electronic documents and electronic document management”; Law of Ukraine dated July 5, 1994 No. 80/94-ВР “On the zahist information in the information and telecommunications systems”; Law of Ukraine dated 02.10.1996 No. 393/96-ВР “About the beast of the Gromadyans”; Decree of the CMU on 30.11.2011 №1242 “About the solidification of the Typical Architecture of the economic activities of the central bodies of the Viconavgocha Vladi, Radi Ministries of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the local authorities of the Vikonavochya Vlada”; Decree of Cabinet of Ministers dated 28.10.2004 No. 1453 “About the solidification of the Standard Order of the electronic document management in the authorities of the Vikonavochy Vlada.”